Sports Fields

Natural grass pitches are frequently used for various sports, both team sports such as football and individual sports such as tennis. Natural grass is also used for the construction of sports surfaces for recreational purposes, most often golf courses.

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Natural grass is the most used and most appreciated surface for hosting official competitions, both those organised internally and those organised by international federations.

The construction and development of a sports ground is characterised by the step-by-step implementation of a number of mandatory actions in order to have as final result a sports ground of the highest quality for a long period of time.


Sports field design

A first step is to analyse the existing project or have a specialist in sports field design draw up a project on the basis of which the new field is actually built. For any kind of sports ground, a project is mandatory.
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Topsoil removal or stripping.

In order to create a quality sports field, it is absolutely necessary to remove the existing substrate and replace it with a substrate that guarantees optimal development. A substrate with an optimum pH level guarantees not only a healthy natural lawn, but also efficient water drainage.
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Drainage system implementation.

A well designed drainage system is designed to remove excess water from the soil and maintain optimum moisture in the substrate. The drainage system plays a key role in maintaining the quality of the turf throughout its lifetime.
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Irrigation system construction

The implementation of an irrigation system is an essential step to guarantee a high quality sports field. A high-performance irrigation system ensures that the watering of the turf is supervised through automated and remotely controlled processes.
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Heating system construction

Keeping your lawn growing during the winter season also requires an efficient heating system. Sports fields can be heated either by thermal or electric heating. The heating system allows the turf to breathe and creates an environment that is conducive to growth.
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Substrate and its levelling.

Substrate is a mandatory element that directly influences the growth and development of the lawn. An optimal substrate must be permeable to allow water drainage. Once the substrate mix is made, a laser rake is used to achieve a level surface according to the requirements of the sports field.
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Lawn roller installation.

The quickest and most efficient way to make a grass carpet is by planting a pre-cultivated green carpet, usually sold in rolls. Laying turf rolls is a very quick method, and the installation is carried out with modern, professional equipment, as a standard-sized football pitch can be renovated in a very short time, up to two weeks.
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Sports field maintenance

Football, golf, tennis or other playing fields with natural grass surfaces are maintained with special turf maintenance equipment, i.e.: scarifiers, mowers, string trimmers for grass edges, professional turf fertiliser spreaders, special turf tractors, etc. For fields inside closed stadiums, an important aspect is the lack of light. A specially designed photosynthesis plant can be used to solve this problem.
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Eco Garden Construct always takes a holistic view of the whole project. At every stage of the project, we work closely with our beneficiaries so that the final result is identical to the preliminary project, respecting the deadlines and budget allocated. You can rely on our experience to deliver a turnkey sports ground, built using the most innovative methods, with modern equipment and competent staff, to the highest quality standards.

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