Commercial Landscaping

The concept of commercial landscaping and maintenance encompasses a full spectrum of services for developers, owners and managers of buildings and green spaces that are used for commercial purposes.

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A professional service specializing in commercial landscaping and maintenance, can create an outdoor space that combines beauty and functionality and meets all the unique needs of a business.

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A multitude of natural elements can be included in a complex commercial landscape design : lawns, rustic or natural stone paving, alpine gardens, Japanese gardens, garden arrangements, lakes, waterfalls, fountains, hedges, flowerbeds, climbing pergolas, intensive and extensive green roofs, large trees on alignments, large solitary plants, efficient and attractive slope stabilisation, automated irrigation systems, etc.

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Commercial landscaping is an integral part of the architecture of office buildings, residential complexes, logistics parks, retail units, corporate offices, hotels and resorts, educational institutions and university campuses, private cemeteries, manufacturing centres and all buildings with a commercial purpose.

Benefits of commercial landscaping


Get your brand message across.

Any business or building is a brand and the right landscaping can speak to that. If you want to convey an image, whether it’s calming, enduring, fun, professional or solid, there are landscape elements that can do that.


Help people get involved in your business.

The right landscaping can either encourage people to stay longer and linger or keep them moving. If you add benches, tables and chairs, fountains and low walls for seating, people will stay and enjoy the outdoor space.


Directs traffic flow.

Most businesses want to direct people to entrances and this can be done by highlighting entry points with plants and trees, creating paths and walkways lined with shrubs or trees, or using brick or stone wall elements.


Attract customers.

The right landscaping attracts customers. Inviting places in the retail space can convey your brand’s visual identity and increase brand awareness. Conversely, an unkempt space has the opposite effect. Customers will have a negative perception of your brand.


Accentuate the architecture.

The exterior landscaping is a refreshing continuation of the building’s architectural story. The landscaping styles we propose will always be in keeping with the architecture of the buildings and the need for balance between the natural and the artificial.


Save water and energy.

Landscaping can be designed to help save energy by shading the building in summer and blocking strong winds in winter. Adding a green roof to your space helps control water runoff and reduces heating and cooling costs.

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The green spaces that are part of the urban regeneration concept are different from the spaces we are used to – it requires a different way of thinking in their design and maintenance, a lot of creativity and a constant openness to innovative solutions. Our ultimate goal is to add value to landscape design services in accordance with the highest quality standards, taking into account the needs and wishes of the final beneficiaries of these projects.
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