Landscape Maintenance

We maintain public and private green spaces for people. We offer beneficiaries a personalised and constructive approach that keeps green space in the best shape.

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Full garden and green space maintenance.

A client wants a team of professionals who understands that there are dozens of operations that need to be coordinated to maintain the garden or commercial green space, whether it’s a logistics park, office building or residential complex. The maintenance service encompasses a series of interrelated activities that ensure the green space is kept in top quality, regardless of season, climate or human impact.

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Full garden and green space maintenance services keep your garden or lawn an ideal leisure environment, bringing you closer to nature, relaxation and emotional balance.


Garden maintenance

A well-maintained green space or garden is a natural condition for a healthy garden. Whatever the purpose of the green space, be it an urban garden, park, commercial or industrial green space, once it has been laid out, it needs to be carefully tended. We provide a wide range of green space maintenance operations, tailored to the needs observed on site. These operations can be relatively simple: lawn mowing, tree and shrub trimming or, conversely, complex: scarification, fertilisation or plant health treatments.
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Land clearing

The first work to prepare the land consists of clearing the land by pulling up trees and shrubs, with all their roots, from the land on which the work will be carried out. If the trees are larger, they must be felled before the uprooting operation is carried out. The clearing work is carried out with a bulldozer if the stumps are small, or with the arm of an excavator if the diameter is large. We have the necessary machinery and personnel to carry out any clearing operation.
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Lawn aeration

Aeration is just another process that helps the lawn to grow. The soil in which the lawn grows compacts over time, becoming denser, especially in circular areas. This can affect your lawn which will grow more slowly or even wither in places. You need aeration so that water, air and nutrients can reach the grass roots more easily and your lawn can grow more easily and quickly. We use electric aerators to optimise the whole operation.
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Lawn and field scarification

Scarification is the operation that aims to clean the surface layer of the soil, favouring gas exchange. Scarification is also a mandatory operation for lawns, especially as an optimal solution for annual regeneration. A correctly and thoroughly carried out scarifying operation refreshes the lawn by cleaning it and gives fresh grass more room to grow.
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Lawn and plant fertilization

Only a healthy lawn is truly beautiful. This is one of the areas in the garden with the highest nutrient requirements. If you have a grass carpet that has been improperly fed or not fertilised, it will deteriorate because it will not cope with diseases or weeds, the appearance will be less pleasing and the required function will not be fulfilled. Fertilisation is the administration of nutrients used in crops. We have all the necessary certifications and skills to produce customised plans for each type of lawn and plant.
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Phytosanitary treatments

Phytosanitary treatments are part of the standard maintenance of every garden or green space. With a good knowledge of pests, an accurate risk assessment and a quick and correct diagnosis, any garden can be saved from possible decay if it receives regular care and inspection. Our team is made up of agronomic specialists who have knowledge of plants, their life cycle, their behaviour in the event of pest and pathogen attack and in monitoring ecoclimatic conditions.
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Lawn mowing

To keep it looking nice and tidy, you need to maintain your lawn by mowing regularly. Uncontrolled grass growth results in yellowing leaves, thinner grass and the appearance of weeds.The frequency of mowing varies according to the type of fertilisation, rainfall, irrigation applied, soil characteristics and the type of species used in the mix. We provide customised plans to keep your lawn in the best condition. Mowing your lawn is done with mechanized machinery and staff dedicated to your projects!
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Flowers, trees and shrubs planting

The essentials for any garden are plants, flowers and shrubs, and even ornamental trees, which are planted with great care by our gardeners and then tended to give your garden the most harmonious look. We are at the service of anyone who wants to care for their garden in a professional way and ensure that the soil preparation process, as well as the actual planting process, is done as expertly as possible.
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Pool and filter cleaning

The swimming pool in the residential garden is the most pleasant space for leisure time in summer. The effect of cleaning the pool should be visible both at a glance and in depth. These are the necessary steps that must be followed for pool cleaning: removing leaves, insects and other debris, cleaning the pool with professional solutions, cleaning the primary filter, cleaning the recirculation system filters, checking water quality. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of a garden pool!
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Lake and pond cleaning

The pond or garden pond should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, although it is best to do this twice – once in the autumn and then again in early spring. Slime should not be cleaned from the side walls of the pond as this is beneficial to the ecosystem. Instead, what is on the bottom of the pond should be collected and removed. We offer full professional services for cleaning and hygienic treatment of lakes, ponds and garden waterfalls.
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