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Landscaping brings nature closer to our environment. The quality of human life is directly influenced by the environment in which people live, work or relax. The landscaping of green spaces plays an extremely important role in the process of architectural organisation, interior and environmental design, because, in addition to its decorative role, it has a significant influence on people's level of psycho-social and behavioural support and adaptation.

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Public parks can include sports areas, playgrounds, vegetated areas similar to woodland parks. Today’s technology gives us the resources to create the most complex designs in the shortest possible time. These landscape works contribute to raising the quality of life. No money is wasted if it contributes to the creation of green areas that make our living environment more pleasant, healthy, pollution-free and biodiverse.

Schools, kindergartens and university campuses are institutions which, in symbiosis with nature, provide a framework in which the educational process can take place in better conditions. Religious institutions and cemeteries are other landmarks that should be included in the concept of urban landscaping.

A green city is also characterised by street alignments in which trees and plants are a way of life, and roundabouts are more than just a construction that helps traffic flow. Urban landscaping involves a lot of green for the benefit of communities.

Ecological reconstruction

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Ecological reconstruction of areas affected by human intervention, systematisation of waterways, establishment of ecological curtains along roads are also aspects that support the quality of life.

The potential of self-sustaining green spaces to improve our health and well-being is increasingly recognised in both science and politics. Accessible self-sustaining green spaces are particularly important for children, the elderly and the whole community.

People use their local green spaces for exercise and social interaction, for relaxation and mental refreshment.

Benefits range from reduced risk of obesity in children, to better cardiovascular health and lower rates of depression in adults. Sustainable parks, trees and green spaces improve air quality, reduce noise, temper temperatures in hot periods and boost biodiversity in urban and rural landscapes.

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What can we do for local communities?

parcuri si locuri de joaca
Parks and playgrounds
cimitire si institutii religioase
Cemeteries and religious institutions
perdele forestiere
Forest shelterbelts
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Educational campuses
amenajare stradala domeniu public
Public domain landscaping
sistematizare cursuri apa
Water courses systematization
Roadside landscaping
reconstructie ecologica
Ecological reconstruction