20 years have passed since we stopped daydreaming and started implementing our plans.

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We created a company in the heart of Transylvania, in Cluj-Napoca, in which we put a lot of work and passion.


We did this because from the beginning we believed in one idea: human creativity is capable of revitalizing urban and rural spaces and can transform them into green areas dedicated to local communities. From the very beginning, we put community at the centre of our thinking and set out to answer the question:
how do we make people happier where they live?


We have chosen to integrate a holistic vision in landscaping, where with the help of nature, innovation and people we build sustainable green spaces in line with the needs and desires of local communities. We are characterized by creativity and the ability to materialize new concepts. The success and growth of Eco Garden Construct is based on amazing and dedicated people, passionate in everything they do.

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The team’s professionalism and qualifications have led to innovative concepts in landscaping. We are proud to have contributed to major landscaping projects that meet the needs of local communities. Our portfolio of completed works includes: Cluj Arena Stadium turf in Cluj-Napoca, Ion Oblemenco Stadium turf in Craiova, Inter Lakes Park in Cluj-Napoca, Green Project „Strade Future” in Rome, Youth Park in Cluj-Napoca and many other urban landscaping and maintenance projects for public clients, private residential projects and urban gardens for individuals. The company is currently involved in projects that will bring a fresh vibe to local communities, such as the Feroviarilor Park Cluj-Napoca, Tilisca Park Sibiu, Arm─âtura Park Cluj-Napoca and several landscaping projects for private real estate complexes.


The green spaces that are part of the urban regeneration concept are different from the urban spaces we are used to – it requires a different way of thinking in their design and maintenance, a lot of creativity and a constant openness to innovative solutions. Our mission is to deliver successful projects at national and international level that contribute directly to increasing the level of urban regeneration and to the sustainable development of society in line with environmental protection standards.


Our vision reflects our belief in the collective wisdom of humanity. We believe it’s time for a major change and we believe that this can be achieved through the highest quality landscaping services, the most innovative methods and the best people. We believe that people are happier living in a greener world.


Our values define us as an organisation and every action. Our values help us work together in the most effective way for results that are professionally fulfilling. We support a culture of trust and open the doors of flexibility for individual accountability.
Eco Garden Construct staff, whether we’re talking about a groundskeeper or a landscape engineer, share four core values. These represent the roots of our internal culture:


If we work together, we get better results. We encourage diversity and believe we are better together than individually.
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We act responsibly. We are aware of the consequences of our actions and are responsible members of society.
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We are proactive. Through courage and determination, we make a difference, because we believe that small progress means big results.
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We are eager to learn because it makes us better and more innovative.
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Visit the portfolio section, where you have dozens of examples and projects completed by us.
If you have questions or concerns, contact an eco garden construct.