Landscape Construction

We build stories where weeds once grew. We turn untended places green. We design urban gardens and green spaces with respect for your budget and nature.

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Over 12 years of building green spaces, we have understood one simple thing:

The green space needs of families and local communities are diverse and require tailored, quality solutions. Whether we’re talking about landscaping urban gardens for individuals to installing and maintaining lawns for sports arenas, the Eco Garden Construct team goes through all the necessary steps to make a project sustainable. From the creation of the ground infrastructure, the installation of irrigation and lighting systems, to turfing, planting and placement of decorative elements, we create and redesign gardens full of charm and harmony, manicured parks and safe playgrounds.

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We are convinced that a client is not looking for a service company that just ticks off the ‘to do list’ and moves on to the next project. A client wants a team of professionals who understand that there are hundreds of details that need to be coordinated to landscape and maintain your garden or green space at home.

The landscaping service comprises a series of interrelated activities that ensure both the quality and sustainability of the end result and its maintenance over time. With our comprehensive garden and landscaping services, we transform the outside of your home into an ideal leisure environment that brings you closer to nature, relaxation and well-being.


Landscaping of gardens and green spaces

Landscaping projects, regardless of their size, require coordination, resources and time. We’ve gained enough experience to build sustainable green spaces dedicated to the needs of the community. We have built and landscaped urban gardens, beautiful parks and green spaces where people can find themselves and relax. In our landscaping process we consider all the details of your future green space, including plants, decorative elements, ornamental rocks and stones, outdoor planters, functional and beautifying screens or pontoons, garden furniture, children’s playground and all the elements needed for a successful project.
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Lawn seeding and hydro-seeding

There are two ways of establishing turf areas: direct seeding and hydro-seeding. Establishing turf by direct seeding involves the following steps: establishing the planting area, clearing the soil, fertilising the soil, levelling the ground, sowing the seeds, embedding the seeds in the soil, rolling the soil and irrigating the sown soil. The hydro-seeding process involves mixing grass seed with water in the high-performance hydro-seeding machine, after which the mixture is sprayed evenly over the soil surface.
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Installation of natural turf rolls

The quickest and most efficient way to make a grass carpet is to plant a pre-cultivated green carpet, usually sold in rolls. The main advantage for the end user is the transfer of all responsibility to Eco Garden Construct, which has the best specialised mechanised systems, able to provide high process and product standards.
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Irrigation systems

An automated irrigation system is the right technical solution for any type of land, whether it is used for landscaping, revegetation, avoiding erosion or drought of planted land. In addition, this process ensures efficient water consumption with low maintenance cost. Irrigation of green space is important for the maintenance of plants and turf. We offer complete solutions for the creation and maintenance of irrigation systems for both urban gardens and public green spaces.
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Pedestrian lanes and pavements

Urban gardens, parks or green spaces are incomplete without alleys where we can walk freely, enjoying moments of peace and quiet and admiring the nature around us. Concrete, natural stone, gravel and sand, brick and wood are the materials you can consider for building walkways. The materials can also be combined with each other to create customised walkways. The mix of shapes, textures, colours and details leads to some of the most spectacular results.
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De-icing heating and drainage systems

The heating system for melting ice and snow operates fully automatically. Its thermal sensors detect changes in temperature and humidity, closing or opening the system as needed, ensuring low electricity consumption. The irrigation process requires solutions for excess water drainage, adapted to the soil type, positioning and slope of the land. A well-designed drainage system is a must, especially when the land is straight, the soil dense and the water volume high.
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Garden ponds and waterfalls

The service of ponds, lakes, waterfalls, streams and fountains can provide true oases of tranquility for anyone who wants to relax in their own backyard. Ideally, they should be filled with flowers, ornamental plants and shrubs so that they give the feeling of a corner of nature. Specialising in landscaping, we have all types of lakes, waterfalls, ponds and streams on offer. We bring dreams to reality, turning ideas and expectations into tangible elements.
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Outdoor lighting for alleys and courtyards

All patios and gardens, no matter how large or small, will be much better accentuated with outdoor lights to highlight their most attractive sides. If you’re worried about failing to choose the best lighting, our team is at your disposal with the best solutions, dedicated staff and lighting fixtures from the most renowned brands. We have a wide range of outdoor lighting options to suit all budgets, which we can easily install wherever you want.
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Garden furniture and playgrounds

A child who discovers the world around him through play understands more quickly and easily what is around him and will include it logically in his future actions. Our high quality products, harmoniously integrated into their environment, made of well-chosen materials, make playgrounds a magical world where children can play safely. Eco Garden Construct’s playgrounds are equipped with safe and long-lasting accessories, designed to protect the little ones. The wide range of accessories offers the possibility of diversified activities, stimulating the creativity and good mood of children.
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Rock gardens and garden decorations

In the design of a cliff and alpine garden, the materials needed for the decoration are primarily stone and of course cliff plants and dwarf conifers. Creating a cliff scene will create a truly realistic effect, as if from a mountain landscape. Rockery arrangements, in addition to the beauty they offer to the garden decor, do not require very frequent and detailed care. The rockery arrangements bring the beauty of alpine landscapes into your own garden and form a breathtaking backdrop.
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Sports arenas

The construction and development of any sports field starts with the design or checking of the existing project. Any type of turf surface has specific demands, especially on certain stretches of turf where the grass lawn wears out faster. Automated irrigation systems, drainage networks, boreholes and water pump installations, possible underground heating systems, decompaction and infilling with fertile topsoil, successive compaction of fertile topsoil layers and laser levelling of playing surfaces, grass seeding or turf roller installation are important aspects in achieving a qualitatively superior sports pitch, with every construction detail to be carefully analysed and implemented.
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Plants and green walls for the interior

The development of green spaces is becoming increasingly accelerated and complex, our specialists are constantly looking for solutions adapted to any type of space. Vegetable walls landscaped with natural green plants are thought of as vertical gardens, which we design and implement with great care and dedication. These green spaces are as complex when they are installed as they are easy to maintain afterwards. Each such garden benefits from a fertigation system, which will keep these mini-gardens looking natural and fresh.
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